We are destroying our United States ground forces!

Osama bin Laden is winning militarily. The Bush/ Cheney war in Iraq is systematically destroying American ground forces. As we start the sixth year U.S. forces have suffered more than 30,000 casualties with more than 4000 killed. The finest army in the world is forcing its soldiers to serve endless repeated combat tours. Large numbers of soldiers and Marines are understandably suffering combat fatigue. Military equipment has been drained from the United States. It is wearing out in combat and not being replaced The Bush military strategy is to bypass the Armed Forces chain of command and to base everything on the judgment of General David H. Petraeus. In spite of intense congressional Republican and Democratic grilling the General has no definition of what constitutes a victory. We do know that there is not a single reserve brigade available for any other constituencies.

Osama bin Laden is winning financially. The exact costs of the Bush/ Cheney War are lost in domestic politics. Some estimates of the ultimate cost today and into the future are in the trillions. The cost of the war is being passed on to our children in the form of the addition of $2 trillion of added debt during this administration. Many financial experts directly attribute the precipitously decline in the American economy to the cost of this war. There is much evidence that the American economic decline, the collapse of the US dollar, and weakening of American financial institutions is contagious and threatens to swallow the rest of the world.

Osama bin Laden is winning in world politics. The Bush Cheney War is now opposed by 60% of Americans and by world public opinion. As we start the sixth year of an unnecessary war it has cost from 600,000 to 1.2 million Iraqi casualties most of them civilians. Two thousand Iraqis have been forced to flee their country into nearby Arab states.

Osama bin Laden is winning his freedom. He continues to have power to war against the United States and most the rest of the world. In and effort to capture this terrorist hate monger the U.S. and our allies continue to be engaged in an apparently endless war in Afghanistan. It is spilling over into Pakistan.

Will Osama bin Laden continue his victory streak? To me Iraq is a critical question at the center of this year's presidential election. The presumed Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain and his Democratic supporter Senator Joe Lieberman want the war to continue until victory. The leading Democratic candidates Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are both committed to ending the war as soon as is humanly possible.

Perhaps the most astounding fact is that the United States military, by all odds the most powerful in the history of the world, in not winning. At the end of five years of intense effort the U.S. is totally incapable of militarily subduing Iraq. This is a country with no air force, navy, missiles, or no atomic bombs. Its army was twice defeated in wars against Iran and in the Desert War.

Now is the time for everyone to display Bush inspired “Support our Troops” by adding a second line “For God’s Sake Bring Them Home”.

Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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