This is amazing. Bush has already earned a big credit for his legacy. Because his administration has been such a disaster we have an opportunity for political equality for women and for blacks. We at last have a woman and a black as Presidential Candidates.

It is ironic. If Bush had been even a grade C. President the Democratic Party could not possibly have any chance of electing Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. History is clear on this point. Super conservative Americas are mostly Republican. They continue to be about 25% of the electorate (just as about 25% are liberal). Historically they helped kill the presidential aspirations of Governor Al Smith. He was the first serious Roman Catholic Democratic Presidential candidate. They later helped shoot down the Vice Presidential candidacy of Geraldine Ferro. Even today these right wingers in the Republican Party are against representation in Congress for the citizens of majority African /American District of Colombia.

It is also frightening. The right wing republican sexism and racism may very well elect Republican presidential candidate. Many believe John McCain as “the third term” George W. Bush. Racism and sexism has a very long shelf life. It may still be alive enough to ignore the terrible costs of the Bush/Chaney debacle

My Democratic Party must soon face an absolutely critical decision. Can we leave Colorado and unite our party behind either a woman or black candidate? My heart is with the Democratic Party. My heart says yes. My reason tells me something else. Exit interviews show that there is a strong possibility of alienated one part of our women and black base. If we alienate one part of our base we may lose a major part of our party and hence the election. Senator John Mc Cain has earned the profound respect of every American. He is a genuine hero. He is also genuinely wrong on the Iraq war and domestic policy just as Bush continues to be. The problems America face are of such vital importance that we must respond with the post Pearl Harbor unity of Democrats, Republicans and Independents that so astounded the world in WWII.

Perhaps it is time to marshal our old unity cry: REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR

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