Picture of Mothers' Day Pin

I was searching through some old boxes of memorabilia when I came across a little white box was a small handwritten note on the cover. It was my mother's handwriting. She said,” I wear this every Mother's Day. It's a lot of years ago”. Indeed it was a long time ago. It was May 1944. Bill Irwin, Dwight Holmes I had volunteered for overseas duty and left our training division the Golden Lion 106 Infantry at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

We were about to sail when I realized that it was almost Mother's Day. We were at Fort Meade, Maryland. I rushed down to the PX to get a Mother's Day gift. The clerk told me I was too late. It had been a rush from other soldiers to honor their mothers and there was nothing left.

I was terribly discouraged and about to leave when she said, “Wait a minute. Here is something that slipped off the counter and fell on the floor.” He held up this tiny heart-shaped pin. In the center was the inscription MOTHER. There was a brass star beneath the Inscription. In WWII parents hung in the front window a small flag with a picture of a brass star in the center. It proudly indicates that a son or daughter served in the armed forces. If the loved one had been killed it was a gold star. .

I was happy to have something to honor Mother but this was a terrible choice. It was made of cheap mother-of-pearl. To me the war was a very serious business. This flag in the window bit seemed superficial. I was terribly embarrassed but bought it anyway.

Next day we were off to war on the Queen Elizabeth. The whole matter dropped from my mind. It was to return. On Mother's Day on my first year home from the war there was my mother proudly wearing the pin I thought was in such poor taste.

At every opportunity she would proclaim,” My son Bernard sent me this pin during the war”. Mother wore that pin with the same attribution every Mother’s Day until her death.

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