Osama bin Laden the world's most despicable terrorists on 9/11 simultaneously struck the New York Trade Center and the Pentagon. killing more than 3,000 innocent Americans and others. The first target was a symbol of American dominance of the world of finance. The second was a symbol of American military supremacy. Americans and most of the world were behind President Bush when vowed to “bring them on” in a war on bin Laden and other terrorists.

Where are we today half a decade later? Our United States financial system is in a terrifying meltdown with worldwide repercussions. The ground forces of the United States are hard-pressed fighting two endless wars. After years of military action and billions of expenditures we are not able to defeat the Iraqis. This is a tiny nation innocent of any part in 9/11 with no air force or navy and with an army decimated by two bloody wars. We have unsuccessfully chased bin Laden in Afghanistan. We are confronted by the reinvigorated the Taliban financed by bumper poppy crops. . He continues to dominate the world of terrorism.

At home we have responded by creating an absolutely massive federal bureaucracy t at enormous unfunded financial costs. We are not much safer from terrorists and the costs to honest Americans in their travel and their daily lives have been considerable. President Bush has humiliated our county by asking for and receiving permission to continue to torture terrorist suspects.

In my opinion these are the realities that will face a new president and Congress. For those of us old enough to remember the current crisis facing our country is almost identical to the collapse of American economy and foreign enemies at the end of the Republican administration of Herbert Hoover.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt with the help of a Democratic Congress brought us two things. The first was a feeling that if we Americans were united we couldn't win against any odds. The second thing he gave us was a clear understanding that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself.

This is the dark hour just before the dawn. In less than two weeks in the most important election we have ever had we will decide who is likely to be the next Roosevelt either Democratic Senator Obama or Republican Senator McCain. History is on the side of Obama and we Democrats.

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