The Gospels record several instances of this miracle, with small differences in details. In the best known, Jesus was preaching to a crowd of thousands who grew hungry and needed to be fed. Only five loaves and two fishes could be found. He blessed the food and then commanded his disciples to distribute it among the people. After everyone had eaten and were satisfied, twelve baskets of food remained.

The usual interpretation is that this was a miracle of creating bread and fishes from thin air. I have heard another interpretation. It was from a minister in Toms River, New Jersey. He identified this story as a miracle of a different nature. He attributed the miracle as the inspirational power of Jesus. Some 5,000 were inspired and had followed him into a desolate place. Christ taught love. He proclaimed that we are our brother's keeper. The minister reasoned that the miracle was not the creation of bread and fishes. The miracle came when Christ inspired the group to share their food.

If the conventional wisdom here and abroad is correct we are headed for very desperate financial crisis. Obama is not going to be able to create material wealth from nothingness. You can however with his towering integrity and ability to inspire us as Democrats, Republicans and Independents to meet the crisis as united Americans. He can perhaps create the same kind of a miracle we witnessed in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's inaugural. Those who did not live through it cannot understand the enormous power to give hope in the President's words… “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.


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