I served as Associate Pastor of Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. It is a magnificent building on Washington’s Massachusetts Ave. a few blocks from the White House. It stands out with its gigantic Greek columns. As the cornice indicates it is the
Methodist Episcopal Church South. This was a group that favored slavery and broke away from John Wesley’s Methodist Church.

One of the most delightful persons in my parish was Mabel Wright. This still beautiful southern woman has just turned 100 years. Here is the message from her Christmas card.

“What a grand world it is. Yes, I know that this has been a troubling year economically and I know that there is evil in the world to be sure, but I have seen good times and bad times, and I am optimistic about our future. Most of you know that I am a lifelong Democrat, and so I am particularly thrilled by the election of the Barack Obama -- the first African/American President. Now, truly all of God's children in America can dream big dreams and know that they can come true. I am unspeakably happy to see this day arrive.”

And so say seventy per cent of Americans.

Mable Wright at 100 years
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