My good friend and neighbor Allan Kiron is both a survivor of Auschwitz but a poet as well. More than this he is an inspiration on how to make life meaningful. He is full of compassion but is also full of fight. He is guided by high ideals but keenly aware of “man’s inhumanity to man”. To me his latest poem calls for both compassion for those in need and fierce battle against the unimaginable greed of those who have brought such terrible consequence for our country and the world.


I can see the beast in humans
Not their cruelty or lies
Or their greed, hate and malice
In their double faced eyes

I can see the missing link
The kind we could have been
To help and love each other
In times of thick and thin

How do you teach a beast to love
How do you correct God’s errors
How do we stop the hiding beasts
From committing other terrors?

How can we survive this world
With such beastly gifts from God?
Sweetened with soothing empty words
Making the truth strangely odd?

The road to a perfect world
Is paved with a sad delusion
With beastly potholes and bumps
The missing link is the solution

Selfless deeds for those with needs
Can change the pages of history
If we ignore the missing link
What follows will be no mystery

To survive and beat this beastly trap
Be the best angel when you with angels dwell
But when you have to deal with beasts
Be the meanest beast and give them Hell

Your cup will seem less empty
Even more than half full
Because the true meaning of life
Is to make life meaningful.

Allan Kiron

Auschwitz survivor

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