Quaker Anti War Lawn Poster

The Quakers have it right! Their poster pictured on our Oliver Street lawn is clear. WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER. During most of my adult life we have been at war. Since the end of the Cold War we have not been able to win a single one of these wars. We lost the war in Vietnam; the incursions in Somalia and Lebanon. We continue to lose the on going twin wars are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately our newly elected President Obama took ownership of the war in Afghanistan on February 2009 when he ordered 17,000 new soldiers to the 36,000 U.S. soldiers already in Afghanistan. He has vowed to exit Iraq after 6 1/2 years of combat and 35,810 American casualties plus hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraq citizens. The later incidentally are listed as Collateral Damage. The casualties continue to accumulate with no firm exit date.

Critics of America are correct when they note that when it comes to history we are ignorant. When we do not understand the past is very difficult to deal with the future. For example the Vietnamese defeated and humbled the French Colonialists Army. Mindlessly we jumped right in and took their place for almost another bloody decade.

In Afghanistan with massive American assistance and the help of terrorist Osama bin Laden the Afghanistan’s forced the invading Russians out. This defeat was a major factor in the collapse of communism and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
The Russians paid a terrible price for their blunders. They officially reported the loss of 13,833 soldiers killed. The propaganda free estimate of losses is several times higher. They paid a huge price with the loss of 118 jets; 333 helicopters; 147 tanks and massive amounts of other material. We ignores the Russian esperienc and jumped into Afghanistan anyway.

We are not even that good at war anymore. We are the most powerful military force ever assembled and yet after all these years our military has not conquered Iraq or Afghanistan small counties with no air force, navy, missiles or even much of an army..
It is my personal belief that we are fortunate to have elected Barrack Obama with the potential of being a truly great President in a time of desperate financial downdraft. This inherited crisis is correctly at center stage in the minds and hearts of all Americans. First things first! Let's first get Americans back to work and the economy out of the clutches of obscenely greedy Wall Street manipulators. At the same times it is vital to bring our military home.

I hope this happens in my lifetime but at my age in all candor odds are against it. However it turns out I think the Quakers have it right and I'm going to bequeath my Quaker lawn signs to my children and grandchildren.

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