Leaders of the Faith Community passionately support the constitutional right to peacefully assemble as they often have in causes such as support of civil rights and ending wars. They assembled again on April 15 on the steps of the National Church ON Thomas Circle to support the right of the Tea Party Express to assemble but to denounce the hatreds that have been generated by these gatherings throughout the country.

In a strong and unified voice the leaders of the various faiths communities expressed great concern about the hate language and a terrible character attacks. associated with these gatherings There have been incidents of overt racial incidences and bitter attacks against our first African-American president calling him a secret Muslim , a procommunist and even denying that he is a native born American.

The major promoters and media supporter of this hatred is the Fox News Network and full-time hate mongers talk show hosts s like Rush Limbaugh. These hatreds have in the past prompted people like Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal building killing 168 innocent adults and children. Prior to his execution he told interviewers that he was justified and is a martyr in his fight against an expanding Federal Government. There have been numerous and sometimes deadly bombings of abortion clinics. Hate talk does matter.

Our faith communities are committed to responsible behavior of the individual and the bedrock responsibility to minister to all our people who are in need. At this moment we are in a very severe economic downturn with millions of our fellow citizens in deep financial trouble through no fault of their own. We are engaged in two wars and profound changes in the world economy. It is a particularly critical time for us to come together as Americans and to avoid hatemongering.

Members.of the Faith Community meet on the steps of National City Christian Church to voice their concerns.

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