The Washington Post on April 28 reported that Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry while jogging killed a coyote with single shot from his laser sighted pistol. He says he shot because the coyote was attacking his daughter’s dog.

The story goes on to report that in Texas you are allowed to have concealed weapons and that the governor has such a concealed weapon permit. He carries a .380 Ruger which is a very powerful revolver. He says he carries the pistol because he fears snakes. To add to its power the governor uses high powered hollow point ammunition. Unlike regular bullets that passed through the victim the soft point spreads open and tears away huge portions of flesh and bone. It is selected by some gun buffs because this ammunition is highly lethal. It is designed to kill.

The Hague Convention in 1899 outlawed the use of soft pointed bullets called dum-dum. In World War I some soldiers filed the tip of their ammunition which gave the same soft point capacity. These altered cartridges s were also called dum-dum. . They were considered inhuman. For this reason soldiers on either side who were caught with this tampered ammunition were often shot on the spot.

It is clear that Texans and other hand gun worshipers are different. The rest of us are
interested in self protection devices that do not kill attackers or innocent bystanders.
More and more people and most police departments now use a high volt eclectic charged
pistols called Tasers . They discharge a high voltage shot of electricity that instantly
subdues dangerous people. They do not kill or seriously injure but very definitely will
quickly and temporarily control any attacker

I wonder what would be the consequence if in this case on that morning a jogger came from the opposite direction from Governor Perry and who could not see that the governor had legal a concealed lethal weapon under his jacket. They both might at the same time spot the coyote approach the dog. Assuming that the other jogger was an animal lover he jumps to save both the dog and the coyote. The Governor fires and misses the coyote but hits and instantly kills the other jogger.

Most people in the civilized world prohibit or very seriously control handguns. Even in the gun happy Wild West no one was allowed to carry a concealed weapon. This American hand gun loving hysteria also extends to the preposterous idea that we should not prohibit or regulate AK-47s and other machine gun type weapons.

The rationale is that we should be able to both protect our homes and have the right to hunt animals. Anyone can have a hunting rifle. In 50 years of ownership of our farm we have allowed responsible hunting and never saw a hunter hunt with a hand pistol or an AK-47.

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