The last crazy Jones was Jim Jones the religious leader of ‘‘Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple” in Guyana who lead 900 of his followers to commit mass suicide The new Crazy Jones is Rev Terry Jones. He is pastor of a very tiny church in Gainesville Florida. He is not affiliated with any Christian denomination. He is getting his 15 minutes of notoriety with his pledge to celebrate the anniversary of the 9/11Bombings by the burning the Koran, the holy book of our brother Muslims. We can wonder if he will also burn his Christian Bible. It contains the Old and New Testaments which are also holy to Muslims. His timing is interesting. We are in the midst of the Jewish High Holy Days leading to Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement on September 18. It is highly probable that in their worship service our Jewish brothers and sisters might recall “Crystal Night” and the Nazi book burnings and the ultimate consequence.

Craziness in an individual when it is inflamed by hatred and a passion for revenge is unfortunately very highly contagious. We see this in the great artificial New York City Ground Zero Mosque controversy. The highly respected ecumenical leader Iman Feisa wants to build a Muslim oriented spiritual center a few blocks from ground zero. The center is planned to be almost identical to our thousands of Christian Young Men’s (and Women’s) Christian Associations. I am firmly on his side. If I were still a pastor I would try to organize my congregation to bus to New York City to lend our hands and money to help the Iman build his dream.

Jones’s fire designed to foster Anti Muslim hatred can do immediate American political harm. The “Always Vote No” Republican Anti Obama campaign is based in part on hinting that the President is a foreign born, a dangerous socialist and secret Muslim. It is working. How else could a large percent of Americans see a copy of Present Obama’s birth certificate, read his immensely popular two books on his childhood, and hear him denounced by his long time Christian Pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright then announce that they believe he is not a native born American, is a Muslim and a mystery to the American public?

However the threat of burning of the Korans impact on the coming Congressional elections while unfortunate it is nothing compared to what can easily arouse the hated and fury of I, 500, 000, 000 Muslims world wide. We have been dealing very ineffectively with a tiny number of Muslim terrorist extremists in our endless bloody twin wars in Muslim Iraq and Afghanistan. It therefore seems prudent to pay attention to General David Petraeus our anti-terrorist Military Commander. He warns of the devastating military consequences of burning the Koran and making the entire Muslim world our sworn enemies.If this seems alarmists consider recent history. Bin Laden and a handful of Muslim extremist hiding in Afghan caves and with no military resources hijacked civilian planes and destroyed the Trade Center and part of the Pentagon. That was nine years ago tomorrow.


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