A friend has called Rush and his right wing Republicans an American Taliban. Rush is their Prophet. He keeps them entertained and happily misinformed. He calls them “Ditto Heads”. Their commentaries give the impression that they are left out of the mainstream, not well educated or well informed but energetic in their hatreds and outrage.. They live in constant and overwhelming fear. At the moment that fears is terrorism. They support the vast army of Home Security people harassing innocent travelers .They love the decade long anti- terrorism wars in Iraqis and Afghanistan and are totally opposed to closing the terrorists torture base at Guantánamo.

Rush daily fires up their hatred and showers non-beliers with character assignation. He has long list of infidels. Currently it is President Obama and his wife. He has declared that he wants President Obama to fail. Nancy Pelosi is on the top of his enemy list. For more than a decade he dominated the Talk Radio Circuit denouncing the Clintons. He even suggested that they were involved in the suicide of Vince Foster.

Most of his hatred has misfired The Clintons are still leaders and among the most admired of all Americans. Nancy Pelosi a “Feminazi” and Roman Catholic was the first woman elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The “Tree Hugger” Vice President Al Gore is praised throughout the world in his leadership to control the human contributions to global warming. The full time fear mongers did however have one victory. Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. John Mc Cain to gain right wing support was forced to select Governor Sarah Palin as running mate. With the two decade long wars fading in popularly they have invented a new fear, the Federal Budget Deficit. They are positive the evil can only be removed by a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment.
Like the Muslin Taliban Rush’s group is deeply religious. They fill the conservative churches every Sunday. Their faith comes from the last book of the Bible, REVELALTION. . There are no male rewards of virgins but RELATION promises the faithful that at the end of the world they will be immediately raised to heaven in tremendous Rapture. Infidels who do not share their faith will be killed instantly. Even the bones of long dead non-believers will be dug up and burned. This is a triple reward.

I appreciate that these remarks prove that I my self can be accurately charges with character assassination .I plead guilty by reason of sanity and urgent need for truth telling. However this essay is a fraud designed to hide my hypocrisy. It will be buried in my blog Hillenbrand Report.COM .My computer tally of lack of hits confirm at that no readers go there. I am off the hypocrisy hook! Amen. Rev. Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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