Allan Kiron was born in Poland May 25, 1929. He died on Tuesday December 27, 2011 in Washington on the last day of Hanukkah. He had every reason to hate everyone, God included. His mother and most of his family most probably died in the gas chambers. He survived from four years of the unbelievable horror of Auschwitz and other Concentration Camps.

He came to the United States as a teenager. He met and married the beautiful Loretta. They raised four remarkable sons. He had an impressive career both as a U.S. soldier and a valuable official at the U.S. Patent Office. His ashes will later be interred with honor at Arlington Nation Cemetery

What made him remarkable was that he decided that he would not return hate for hate. He came to the United States determined to become a good American. He made up the name KIRON taking a letter from the name of his immediate relatives some of whom he knew were gassed. He was a prim mover for establishing the Washington Holocaust Museum. I asked him to take me for a visit. He declined. He said he went once and would not return. More recently he was honored at the White House as one of the last survivors of the concentration camps.

The second part of this life is an inspiration for all of us. He was determined to return love for hate; humor for strife and poetry to express thanksgiving. In a brief pre burial memorial the service was built on his wife and sons reciting his happy poetry. Here is his final message:


Love, men's eternal riddle
Glue of life from age to age
Beseeched, betrayed but never conquered
Its footprints are on every page.

And yet little do we know
What powers in love dwell
Why a man will give his life for love
No one can really tell.

Do not ponder what is love
Its strength will only fade
There is more beauty in the hidden sun
Than any artwork ever made

Do not despair gentle friend
There is more to love then said
Love without reason is only blind
But reasoned love is dead.

Let me salute you my special friend with My POEM:

As we start a brand-new year
Let's have Allan's message in our ear
And in poems of fun and love
Say thanks for life to God above.

Rev. Bernard F. Hillenbrand


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