Surveys confirm that 95% of Roman Catholic women have at sometime in their lives used contraceptives. This is in the face of the prohibition against artificial birth control mandated by the celibate Pope and celibate Church hierarchy. It is also in the face of a profound worldwide concern for overpopulation. Some 28 states have already mandated that birth control services be provided in healthcare policies. One of the provisions of the President Obama’s Health Care legislation is that in the interest of women’s health that ALL American women are entitled to birth control.

President Obama and his advisers continue to be very concerned about the precious constitutional right of religious freedom. For that reason the President’s Plan began with an absolute prohibition against applying these contraceptive rules on churches. The churches however with massive federal help do employ many non-Catholics in church related facilities like hospitals Universities and other facilities. The president in a reversal of policy has now directed that these employees will be covered by the insurance provider and that the cost not be charged against a church.

To the great credit of the Roman Catholic Church the church’s spokesman on this issue Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan of New York President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has called the new approach by the President “a step in the right direction”.

Any movement in this highly volatile and emotional Church and State issue is always dangerous. This is particularly the case now. We are in the center of a most bitter and divisive political campaign in the Republican contest for the presidential nomination. There is a wide public perception that the principal aim of each of the candidates is to prove that he then can destroy President. Obama. The major weapons are wedge issues like stem cell research, abortion, same-sex marriage, and amnesty for illegal Mexicans, gays in the military and now religious oppression. These issues are raw meat for the far right republican base that is so critical in the primaries. These are the people who believe that President Obama is a non-American Muslim, who is at war with Israeli, the Christian religion, Private enterprise and the U.S. Constitution.

Candidate Mitt Romney added his thought on Contraception. When speaking to the Ultra conservative annual Conference Political Action Conference.(CPAC) he got wild applause when he ridiculed China’s “One Child Policy” . The facts are that in the face of that policy a little over 30 years of that policy china has grown from one billion by more than three hundred million. This is about the population of the U.S. Rev Bernard F .Hillenbrand

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