As he left the Presidency President Carterís popularity was at a low mostly because the American humiliation of having Iran imprisoned hundreds of Americans for more than a year. That is changing because of historic developments and his remarkable post-presidency work in constructing housing for the poor: for monitoring elections worldwide and for his steady contribution to religious understanding and to world peace..

During his administration President Carter supported many of NACoís policy positions .Prior to his election as Governor of Georgia he was extremely active in encouraging economic development in that state. For that reason he was personally better acquainted with the work of wife Aliceann Wohlbruck who was then Executive Director of the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO). He was an hit with her members when as President he addressed her annual meeting. I have been inspired by the half dozen or more books he has written on the Christian faith and its application to world affairs.

I became especially close to this administration through his presidential aide Stu Eizsenstadt. He was the Presidentís Domestic Policy Adviser and Executive Director of the Policy Staff. Our whole NACo staff had instant access to the White House on dozens of policy questions. He is a remarkable human as is his wife Fran. After Carterís term he went on to a great law career and held many high level government post. He is also world famous for his successful efforts to restore to the heirs some the huge wealth the Naziís stole from the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

It was a personal high when Stew arranged for me to attend the September 17 1978 White House lawn ceremony to celebrate the Camp David Accords. These agreements lead to a Egypt Israel peace treaty. It was a joyous moment when a smiling President Carter watched as Pres. Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Israelís Prim Minister Menachem Begin (who later shared a Noel Peace prize) shuck hands and launched an understanding that has to this day brought peace between these two often hostile countries.

.President Carter also helped us plan and implement a county officialís tour of Communist Russian then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) He arranged briefings for us at the state department and at our departure met in person with me and the 182 participants in and emotional send off. NACo chartered a British plan for a two week tour of the Communists Soviet Union and nearby Baltic Nations.

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