Mitt Romney the Republican candidate for President of the United States comes from a very distinguished American family. In the past five years he has for the second time invested his time and money in runs to become President. To win the nomination he has been forced to cater to the far right which dominates the nominating process. He has promised to free our country from President Obama’s socialism and to restore America to its previous greatness.

He has made his first critical decision. . With respect to this choice Governor Romney has repeatedly said that his first consideration was that the person he chooses would have all the credentials for being President of the United States. . Like former Republic Candidate Senator John Mc Cain who selected Governor Sarah Palin to fire up his tea party followers many believe that Romney for the same reason has chosen Congressman Paul Ryan.

The public and many in the press have come to the false belief that a vice president has almost no power and is irrelevant except for narrow political purposes in the political campaign. Older Americans in their lifetime they have seeing one president die; a second president assassinated in office; a third president forced to resign. These former Vice President's became Presidents Harry S. Truman; Lyndon B. Johnson and Gerald Ford. Each of these men proved to have the qualification for President of the United States.

If Mitt Rob becomes president and dies in office how likely it is that Congressman Paul Ryan based upon his record would measure up to these men? In seven congressional terms he has become a voice for the Republican ultraconservative right in the United States House of Representatives. He is a firm believer in tax relief for the very rich and believes that Social Secirity and Medicare should be privatized and ObamaCare should be abolished. He has spent the last four years as a leader and spokesman for the conservative Republicans sole objective which was to defeat President. Barack Obama. He has supported shutting down the federal government to control he national debt which has contributed to the downgrade of our US credit.
Congressman Ryan was a leader in the successful Republican effort to ignore the rights of states and passed national legislation to outlaw same sex marriages.

Our founding fathers lead by Thomas Jefferson from the very beginning constructed a solid wall to separate Church and State. Congressman Ryan (as does his Republic Platform) supports a church supported constitutional amendment to abolish all abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother. Mitt Romney has yet to give the details of his tax returns or any specifies of how he would address our problems and return us to our former greatness. All we have so far is his choice of the man who would succeed him if he is elected and dies in office. Many believe this is not a promising start.

Rev Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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