In an earlier Blog entry I suggested that guns should be register and regulated just as we register and regulate the motor vehicle which also can be a fatal instrument. A well informed friend points out the folly of the National Rifle Association’s response to child slaughter is to arm school personnel.


“Bernie: I read your draft blog, and I agree with you very much. Registration could be relatively simple for most weapons, but would be more thorough for automatic long guns. I think
You could also point out that gun registration is already widespread so that there is a system in place to do the registrations -- the gun sellers.

“I also think it would strengthen you case if you point out that one of the alternatives to registration, the physical guarding of schools, is really impossible. Just counting high schools, there are more than 35,000 of them, with about 7.6 million students. Most high schools sponsor many events for students, and most of these events such as sports games, club meetings, parties, concerts etc. are after hours. It is remarkable that school sports attract an extraordinary 500 million attendees each year -- more than colleges and professionals combined. Thus, physical
Guarding of students in schools is really hopeless, and if tried, would be extremely difficult and costly. School systems could never afford to hire 180,000 guards (93,000 schools using two shifts). The only option for physical guarding would be to train teachers in weapons use, and guarding techniques. I would not like to have thousands of teachers or administrators running around with guns but no training.

“Further, the people who might attack children may be unbalanced, but they may not be stupid. If attacking children in and around schools becomes high risk, they will probably find other locations where children can be found -- churches, parks, shopping malls, etc. In short, guarding of physical locations is hopeless, and this just makes your idea seem more attractive"

Highest regards, Chuck Bingman

Rev. Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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