Netanyahu, tear down these Palestinian walls 

Benjamin Netanyahu, the right wing Prime Minister of the State of Israel comes from a very important historical Jewish family with very deep distrust of non-Jews. He finds cover for harassing Palestinians because the world is more sympathetic of Jews because we are so appalled at the Holocaust and Hitler’s “Final Solution".Netanyahu and his party have succeeded in making a comparable Nazi a hell for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the occupied lands. They are now walled in and have the same status as the Jews in the Warsaw ghettos. As some have suggested Netanyahu has learned from the Nazis. The appalling thing is that he is doing these things with massive support of the American Jewish community and the general American public. Personally I am a supporter of a democratic Jewish state. As a Purple Heart veteran of the battle against Hitler in World War II I rejoiced when President Harry S. Truman recognized the Nation of Israeli

From birth I have had a profound respect and admiration for the Jewish people who have contributed so hugely to world civilization. As an Ordained United Methodist I am in one respect a religious Jew .I revere and follow the Hebrew Old Testament and try to live the teachings and example of Jesus Christ a Jew. In my passionate disapproval of Netanyahu and his right-wingers I am joined by a significant part of the citizens of Israel who favor “land for peace” and a two-State solution.

Our massive financial and military support of Israel including support for their nuclear weapons has cost us the ill will of a great mass of the followers of Mohammed who are appalled at the shabby treatment of their fellow Palestinians. We have as a consequence suffered “the 9/11 attacks”. In one estimate we employ 850,000 people providing security against similar terrorists. Attacks. We have been in 12 year constant war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of this anti-terrorism.

I support Pres. Barack Obama’s policies of creating a Two State solution and to halt and hopefully reverse the illegal Jewish settlements on occupied lands. . Netanyahu obviously strongly dislikes Pres. Obama. He made no bones for his support for Republican candidate Gov. Mitt Romney as against Pres. Barack Obama in the last presidential election. t this writing Netanyahu is meeting with President Obama urging the United States to militarily eliminate Iran’s nuclear capacity. He is in opposition to the president’s peaceful plan. . He clearly does not support an independent Palestinian State. He also has no apparent a intention of stopping the growth of illegal settlements in occupied territories. Other than occasional rockets which are so appalling the Palestinians with no support from the United States have no other way to resist Israeli dominance militarily.

Those of us Jews and non-Jews who support fair dealing with the Palestinians must continue to strongly support the policies of the Obama administration favoring a two state solution and stopping new settlements. It is also important to recognize that former president Jimmy Carter has been in the forefront of American political leaders in his efforts to halt the unfair treatment of the Palestinians and help them establish a democratic and free independent state.

Rev. Bernard F.Hillenbrand

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