Web brousing reveals that John Wesley the founder of the Mehodist movement in his writings called “American slavery the vilest that ever saw the sun”. The last letter that John Wesley wrote was to William Wilberforce, a man who had been converted under Wesley's ministry and who was a member of Parliament. The letter concerns his opposition to slavery and encouragement for Wilberforce to take action for change.
Balam, February 24, 1791
“Dear Sir:
Unless the divine power has raised you us to be as Athanasius contra mundum, [2] I see not howyou can go through your glorious enterprise in opposing that execrable villainy which is the scandal of religion, of England, and of human nature. Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be fore you, who can be against you? Are all of them together stronger than God? O be not weary of well doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of his might, till even American slavery (the vilest that ever saw the sun) shall vanish away before it.
Reading this morning a tract wrote by a poor African, I was particularly struck by that circumstance that a man who has a black skin, being wronged or outraged by a white man, can have no redress; it being a "law" in our colonies that the oath of a black against a white goes for nothing. What villainy is this?
That he who has guided you from youth up may continue to strengthen you in this and all things, is the prayer of, dear sir,
Your affectionate servant, John Wesley”

Parliament finally outlawed England's participation in the slave trade in 1807.

Wesley and the earliest Methodist fought against the vileness of slavery and we modern Methodists must now take up a battle against another equally vile aspect of American life. It is the be senseless and totally destructive attack against fellow Americans who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual. They are falsely accused of polygamy; pedophila, and bestiality. This homophobia is prompting very bitter and distractive divisions in our denomination and others at the very moment when Christianity and other faiths are on the decline.

On the personal level John Wesley was 87 years old when he made his last attack against slavery. I am at age 86. I pray for Wesleyan courage and wisdom to dedicate my final days to fighting against all aspects of homeophelia.

Rev. Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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Where is the milk man; coal man; bread man; ice man; knife sharpener; rage man; shoemaker; tailor; seamstress; shirt launderer; bellhop; clerk; secretary; corner traffic cop; street sweeper; cooper; well diviner ; fortuneteller; funereal mourner; gas station attendant; elevator operator; telephone operator; tire recapped; blacksmith; candle maker; harness maker; chimney sweep; or telegrapher?

They are all gone. They were eliminated by technology. Nestled here in the palm of my hand my iPhone 4 is the supreme pinnacle of all the techicological progress of all of human history. It is a telephone; camera; computer; calculator; clock; compass; recorder; radio; television; GPR, typewriter; library; and file cabinet. It is even a mirror and small flashlight. Through the Internet it is instant contact with every thing that humans have thought or done. It can communicate instantly with seven billion humans on earth and in the sky above. It has access to hundreds of thousands APS: to perform that many special missions.

The critical challenge is where we now find substitute paying jobs.. There are a few examples of efforts to save jobs after technological advances. Henry Ford the real Father of Mass production realized that he must pay his workers enough money so that they could buy the cars they were making. I came on a Ford follow-up many years ago as Executive Director of the National Association of Counties (NACo). We were meeting in Detroit Michigan and were given a tour of the Ford Motor’s new automated Engine plant. The factory covered a hug constantly moving assembly line. Each place on the line had two machines, one in use and one spare in case of a malfunction. The only workers visible were a few men wandering around in shop coats and at the end of the line were a small group of women inserting the pistons into the engine block.

Our hosts were Ford Executives and working members of Walter Ruther’s United Autoworkers. At the end of the tour someone asked “What will be the effect of automated machines on union membership”? One of the Union Members replied” Well that question came to us at about the same time we were wondering how many of these machines will be buying Ford Cars?”

At this witting there are about 16 million unemployed Americans and many others underemployed in major part because of improved technology. High labor intense employment centers like auto manufacturing, infrastructure construction and maintenance and even postal service and printing and newspaper publishing are especially had hit by the technological wonders..

We know that historically every technological innovation has cause short term rise in unemployment in the areas of the innovation. The difference now is the massiveness of the techoological innovation, its speed of development, and its world wide application that is causing a profound impact on our whole civilization.

This is the backdrop for President Barack Obama’s massive Jobs legislation. Nobody here or abroad has a solution. However thoughtful people everywhere reject the present partisan political wrangling and character assignation at a time in our American history which is as filled with danger as was December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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A friend has called Rush and his right wing Republicans an American Taliban. Rush is their Prophet. He keeps them entertained and happily misinformed. He calls them “Ditto Heads”. Their commentaries give the impression that they are left out of the mainstream, not well educated or well informed but energetic in their hatreds and outrage.. They live in constant and overwhelming fear. At the moment that fears is terrorism. They support the vast army of Home Security people harassing innocent travelers .They love the decade long anti- terrorism wars in Iraqis and Afghanistan and are totally opposed to closing the terrorists torture base at Guantánamo.

Rush daily fires up their hatred and showers non-beliers with character assignation. He has long list of infidels. Currently it is President Obama and his wife. He has declared that he wants President Obama to fail. Nancy Pelosi is on the top of his enemy list. For more than a decade he dominated the Talk Radio Circuit denouncing the Clintons. He even suggested that they were involved in the suicide of Vince Foster.

Most of his hatred has misfired The Clintons are still leaders and among the most admired of all Americans. Nancy Pelosi a “Feminazi” and Roman Catholic was the first woman elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The “Tree Hugger” Vice President Al Gore is praised throughout the world in his leadership to control the human contributions to global warming. The full time fear mongers did however have one victory. Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. John Mc Cain to gain right wing support was forced to select Governor Sarah Palin as running mate. With the two decade long wars fading in popularly they have invented a new fear, the Federal Budget Deficit. They are positive the evil can only be removed by a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment.
Like the Muslin Taliban Rush’s group is deeply religious. They fill the conservative churches every Sunday. Their faith comes from the last book of the Bible, REVELALTION. . There are no male rewards of virgins but RELATION promises the faithful that at the end of the world they will be immediately raised to heaven in tremendous Rapture. Infidels who do not share their faith will be killed instantly. Even the bones of long dead non-believers will be dug up and burned. This is a triple reward.

I appreciate that these remarks prove that I my self can be accurately charges with character assassination .I plead guilty by reason of sanity and urgent need for truth telling. However this essay is a fraud designed to hide my hypocrisy. It will be buried in my blog Hillenbrand Report.COM .My computer tally of lack of hits confirm at that no readers go there. I am off the hypocrisy hook! Amen. Rev. Bernard F. Hillenbrand

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And a Proud Father, Bernard F. Hillenbrand

On April 17 in Salt Lake, Utah my 52 year old 6.2 ft 200 pound son John Hillenbrand and his partner Jessi Gilmore won the 2011 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championship in bronze ice dance. They were awarded Gold Medals.

Here however is the rest of the story. For many years he has great pain in both knees. It cannot be cured by surgery or replacement. He loves to skate and is a very determined and motivated person. Typically of him he has focused and worked long and hard for this recognition.

He altered his life style. For example are rarely used elevators because the stair walk strengthens his legs. He walks during most of his lunch time. Weather permitting he cycled to and from work.
For several years three mornings a week at 4:00 AM he has rented the ice and practiced for an hour.

My son’s determination and courage gives us a special blessing and an enormous feeling of family pride and Thanksgiving. He has built great family support. His sister Lisa Hillenbrand came from Cincinnati, Ohio and his sister Susan Avallon and her twin children Quinn and Perris came from California to joined John in Salt Lake, Utah to cheer him to victory.

Knowing my son my guess is that he is already preparing for a repeat for next year.

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By PFC Bernard F. Hillenbrand.

My first day in infantry combat was off Omaha Beach, France well after D-Day. As an infantry replacement I was disembarking from the Belgian troopship Leopoldville (which was sunk on Christmas Eve drowning several hundred soldiers). As I descended the rope ladder to our Landing Craft Infantry (LCI), my feet were inches above a Second Lieutenant. . With no warning a huge wave hit the landing craft and smashed it against the side of the ship crushing the officer to instant death. I was covered with his blood as in a last desperate move I successfully leaped into the descending LCI.

I joined Company G. of the 16th Regiment of the First Infantry Division (the Big Red One) in Namure, Belgium as we began our assault on Aachen, Germany. Our Division surrounded this historic city. Our 16th Regiment attacked g on the north side; our 26th Regiment drove through the center of town and my 18th Regiment attack to the south. My company captured Crucifix Hill the gateway for Germans to get reinforcements or to retreat. After several more days of fierce fighting the town surrendered and our division was sent into the Hurtgen Forest. This battle was a blood bath for both the Germans and for us. Once it's started it continued interrupted by the German breakthrough in the Battle of the Bulge and thus continued well after the Germans were driven back. It was the longest continuous infantry engagement of any American force in history.

My last battle I was an Infantry Rifleman and scout. My G Company of the 18th Regiment First Infantry Davison was advancing in the Hurtgen Forest near the village of Eisweiler, Germany. It was November 22, 1944. There was about three inches of snow. My major job as a scout in an attack was to lead the squad and frankly to draw enemy fire to assess German defenses. At times my job also was to maintain contact with American units to the right and to the left to be sure that we did not tangle and fire on each other. The forest was still dense but under almost constant artillery fire from both sides. The German units had time to dig deep defenses as this area was part of the support system of the famed Siegfried Line. This was the great barrier designed to protect the German home front.

The Germans were falling back upon their supply lines and we were moving farther away from ours. This put new strains upon our supplies of fuel and ammunition and all the necessities of war. These came from the United States, crossed the English Channel and were transferred by floating trucks called Ducks from Omaha Beach in France and shipped by Red Ball Express to the front.. Our morale was high. We were winning. German morale was low. They were now fighting for their survival and their hope lay in the belief that their secret weapons like the rockets, jet aircraft and super tanks would lead to victory. They also hoped that the allies would break up and join the Germans in fighting Russian communism.

My immediate concerns in my tiny part in a great war were to be an effective scout for my comrades and in the process to keep from getting killed. On that day we started at first light and were under constant artillery and motor fire. The greatest terror however was the presence of land mines. They were of two kinds. The large ones were designed to blow up tanks. The smaller ones were anti-personnel. They are designed to mostly inflict terrible wounds. The favorite of the Germans was the “Jumping Mine”. This was made of wood and designed to leap a few feet into the air before it exploded. It inflicted wood fragments that were difficult to detect on X-rays. They caused loss of arms and legs. However our greatest fear was the loss of manhood.

The simplest things in combat become major problems. For example, just moving in an attack, we were burdened with sixty or more pounds of weapons and ammunition. In addition we were in heavy woolen uniforms and back packs with food and blankets. It was freezing cold and yet with the slightest motion we were soaked wet with perspiration. Our feet and most of our bodies were constantly wet and our feet swollen.
Profound fear was constant. Strangely enough the great antidote for fear for me was my sense of duty to be a good soldier and proud member of my Division. My life depended on my comrades and their lives depended upon me. This can only be understood by those who have experienced combat. It is a bond that helps you keep your sanity.
There is another great factor for survival in infantry combat. It is profound fatigue. It becomes almost like a drug. It deadens your senses to the extent that you can do terrible things with ease; things that would be impossible were you rested. The Army clearly understood these from the get go. There is a mandatory training film called “Kill or Be Killed”. It is posted everywhere in the training camps but is not needed on the battle field.

We moved through the forest parallel to a narrow dirt road. We drew machine gun and mortar fire most of the day. We lost many men. We also eliminated several fortified places took some prisoners and inflicted casualties. As the day progressed more and more of the trees were destroyed by artillery from both sides. Shells that burst in a tree are terrifying because the blast and shrapnel rain down on you. An open top fox hole is no protection. We suffered enormous casualties most of whom were brand new replacements. It seemed to me that this day would never end. Dark comes as a blessing to all infantry men. The forward motion comes to a halt. .It is now time to dig a fox hole and cover it with wooded branches to afford some protection from the constant shelling.
Certain men become vital to your survival. They seem to know more about war than
do you They are leaders who you know have your best interest at heart. In war your salvation depends on obedience to orders. However, you have far more respect to a comand when you admire the man who is giving it. My hero was Staff Sergeant Bodner. He was very private and I don’t even know his first name.
I do know that he landed with the First Infantry Division in North Africa. He was in the assault force in the invasion of Sicily and on D-Day in Normandy. He was very proud of our BIG RED ONE. He had been at Kasserine Pass in Tunisia and felt a profound sense of loss not so much that the division was overwhelmed by German tanks but that some of the soldiers ran in panic.

We had come to the end of the winding forest road where it entered into a large open space. There was a bank about 12 feet high on one side of the road. Bodner asked me to help him lay two large anti tank mines at the head of the road. The earth was frozen solid so we lay the mines on the surface and covered them with snow so that they would not be visible to approaching Panzers. The two of us then climbed to the top of the bank and together dug a shallow fox hole. Somehow we dug through the frozen ground and the roots of a tree. I carried a bag of six rifle antitank grenades. These were about six inches long and fired from my M1 rifle. It is fitted at the muzzle and requires disassembling the rifle and taking a rifle cartridge, removing the bullet and plugging the tip with soap. Once the rifle is fitted it cannot be fired as a rifle until it is refitted.

It was a terrible night. The artillery increased in intensity and the trees were cut down like wheat in the field. Our hole was down maybe three feet and we had a couple of limbs over the top. The war finally caught up with Sergeant Bodner. At the height of one barrage he said he was going to cross over the road to the basement of a burned out barn. He was determined. I got on top of him and held him in our position until dawn. It was a struggle and Bodner started to break up. Somehow I kept him down but just at day light he won. He broke loose and jumped out and ran towards the barn.

I opened a can of C ration and took one bite when I went black. I was unconscious. When I came to I was outside the fox hole and could see that it was appeared to be a mortar hit. My first view was my left hand. It was swollen and looked more like a piece of meat than a hand. The snow was bright red and I realized that I had lost a lot of blood. I felt blood flowing form my shoulder and down my back. It was obvious that the Germans had spotted our position and I had better move.

I crawled back from the edge. There were more mortar rounds and continuous shelling. As I started back to the command post a replacement the Lieutenant who I did not recognize took one look at me and asked it I could make it unaided to the aid station which he said had been established up the dirt road in the basement bottom of a burned out farm building. I told him I could. I started to move through the snow toward the road when another barrage started. There was slight depression in the snow and I dived for it. At that instance our runner Harry Kolasa came and stumbled in on top of me. At that instance a huge shell hit the tree above and huge pieces of steel hit Harry in the back and killed him instantly. I was covered with his blood and mine.

I next staggered to the road and followed in an old tank track careful not to get out to the rut and hit a land mine. I also had a separate fear that I might pass out in the snow and freeze to death.
I managed to reach the aid station with the great relief in my knowledge that once there my chances of survival were excellent. In the next 18 months I served temporarily as limited service in France and Germany to relive our crowded hospitals. At he wars ended I returned to rehabilitation. I had surgeries and rehabilitation in Germany, Belgium, England and France and three American hospitals. My left hand was partially restored as were my other wounds. I was discharged June 14 1946 after slightly over three years service.


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